I have been participating in GoodWeave from the onset of my business. GoodWeave is an international, non-profit organization committed to ending illegal child labor and supports the education of children within the weaving community.  GoodWeave enables me to better support the well-being of Nepal’s rug-producing families.  A percentage of every dollar spent producing each carpet goes to the continued support of GoodWeave.

Rugs are an ideal medium for creating a living piece of art. I custom design each piece so that it reflects my client’s sense of style and beauty. The process is collaborative as I work directly with clients or their designer/architect to create a distinctive, personal carpet. We start by deciding on colors and patterns, then apply the design to the size and shape of the space. The possibilities are as limitless as your imagination. Each rug is then made to order.

The rugs are hand-made in Nepal with the finest Himalayan wool obtained from high-altitude sheep. This wool produces a very strong yet soft fiber that is rich in natural lanolin and delicious to walk on. Frequently silk is incorporated, adding a rich luster to the carpets.


Weavers in Nepal use centuries-old weaving techniques, first carding the raw fibers and then spinning and dyeing them. I’m grateful to the weavers for bringing my designs to life. They are very much part of the creative process, applying their skills and expertise to each rug. Using 3-ply wool and a traditional Tibetan knot, the weaver creates the rug, the design revealing itself knot by knot, row by row. The result is an original and resilient carpet of extraordinary quality.